MOZABRICK is a unique Photo Constructor that allows you to make a pixel art picture of any photo an infinite number of times.

MOZABRICK Photo Constructor is perfect both as a breathtaking gift that will not leave anyone unimpressed, and as a way of spending quality time together with family and friends.

The assembly process is exciting and fun; especially so if you do it with your close ones!

For children, assembling the MOZABRICK Photo Constructor not only will help to develop fine motor skills, but also will be an unforgettable family bonding experience. And you get to keep the finished picture as a souvenir!

One of the features of the MOZABRICK Photo Constructor is that you can reassemble your set an infinite number of times, and you do not need to pay anything extra.

With MOZABRICK Photo Constructor you will be able to make a piece of art which will look luxurious and apt in any interior design.

You can see examples of assembled pictures on our YOUTUBE channel.

You can use any image from your phone, camera or social media. Even a scan of a printed photo will work!

The higher the resolution of the photo you pick, and the fewer fine details there are in the picture, the better the details will be.

MOZABRICK will work best with a portrait of one or more people, with clearly visible facial features.

The instruction generator will offer you several options for assembling your photo to choose from.

Each set contains instructions in which you will find your unique 6-character code. With this code, using the instructions generator website, you can generate instructions for assembly and receive them on the e-mail you entered.

All elements of the construction set are made of odorless hard plastic. All required certificates are available.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine several frames. Model S frames only suit Model S and Model M frames only suit the corresponding Model.

Each set contains a 3M double-sided tape, using which you can hang your masterpiece at any place you like. The Model S set has a stand for putting the picture on any flat surface, and there also are set frames for Model S and Model M, which will secure the finished pictures in place and make them look complete.

Sure! Each set contains a special tool for detaching parts – a separator. You can read how to use the separator in the manual.

It all depends on your speed! Usually, several people are completing the picture at once. On average, it takes 20–27 hours to assemble an L set with a size of 76*76 cm, 18 hours for an M set with a size of 51*76 cm, and 8–12 hours for an S set with a size of 51*51 cm.

We thought this through! In order to avoid this, you will be given a pixel-art format preview of your picture before purchasing and assembling using a free instruction generator.

We always put 5% more parts of each color than is actually required for the assembly. Nevertheless, if you will encounter such a problem – just write to our e-mail: info@mozabrick.com and we will solve it!

After the instructions are generated, all source materials are deleted. This way we prevent any possibility of your photos leaking anywhere.

Yes, with your help a little child will be able to assemble the MOZABRICK Photo Constructor, but due to the small parts of the constructor, it is recommended not to leave the baby unattended around it. Constructor age limit is 14+.

Please, check the Spam folder and if you have entered your e-mail correctly on the website. If you still can’t find the instructions, write to us at info@mozabrick.com.

We believe that the essence of our product is in the assembly process. So, it’s up to you to make your own art using your pictures!

If you could not find the answer to your question, write to us at: info@mozabrick.com.